Operation Airhead
Memoirs of a CIA Playdate


Hawk Love

“In the 80's I remember a briefing where they talked about Nancy Reagan and her new ‘Just Say NO’ Campaign, I actually raised my hand and said "Does that include us"....”  

The 80's that was an era of curiosity and YES like many that were in the white house/congress/big business back then  I "tried"  and VERY IMPORTANT it helped me "fit in" when I was a friendly fixture (researcher) Get it!!!  

In the mid eighties I was told to do some research on women training as Air Traffic Controllers.  They said "you can't do drugs...they'll test you".  So I took the FAA test (passed without studying) and was sent to Oklahoma City to train. 

When i got back NOBODY would give me drugs and people I used to party with moved.    Now I suspect the whole "research" project was some twisted federally supported rehab.   It worked.



The wife of a former Air America pilot gave me a copy of the nationally televised ABC footage 


Below is one of the cards when attending the Air Traffic Controller Academy.  I was told by my instructor a former Navy controller  Frank Bordeaux that  I had the MOST metal to metal deductions in the history of the academy.  ....   When I told him I really didn't have it in my heart to be a controller he HUGGED me.

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