Operation Airhead
Memoirs of a CIA Playdate


Sharyn Lived the 80's  the Bay Area's Brightest Bimbo 
At the ager of 18 was told not to let people know she was smart & she collected data for the "greater good" this is how Sharyn Bovat became an undercover airhead. 

In 1984 while waiting
in a green room of a local TV station with Dean Lesher the publisher of the Contra Costa Times and his wife Margaret (I don’t remember why I was at the TV station but I do remember the name of the person that drove me there and I googeled him and it looks like he’s now a federal judge). I do remember Mr. Lesher spouting out information about demographics and voting blocks.

Mr. Lesher that afternoon commented to the newscaster that “this girl” (me) knew more about local politics than anyone at the TV station.   A few days later I was asked if I wanted to do the commentary for election results “live” via phone at the county clerk’s office. 

So on election night when the polls closed I was to call in every 45 minutes with an update on primary results and I was to speculate on trends.  It was a physical challenge because many people wanted to use the just one pay phone that was located across the street of the government building, so after new #’s were released I had to run to be first to use the phone.  

After I had done my 3rd report one of the election monitors suggested that I meet the local judges who were patiently waiting for their election night results. That sounded like a good use of time so I walked with him to the tavern and met the guys who were up for reelection & were “very happy” they had taken bets on what percentage they would each win by.   They offered to buy me a drink and I told them I was 19 years old.  One judge said “don’t worry we won’t tell the man in charge” and he asked the bartender to serve me. 

Well I had a great time but unfortunately lost track of time and missed calling in commentary for the 11pm news.  That ended my career as a political commentator.  It was short and served straight up.

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